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Community Philanthropy   Initiative

By promoting grantmaking and community philanthropy, GADeF has initiated a Youth Community Development Foundation (YCD-Foundation). YCD-Foundation is a philanthropy organisation that support innovative young people and community-driven development efforts and promote sustainable community development through capacity building,network building,social investment and grant-making. GADeF is a member of the African Grantmakers Network(AGN), World Initiatives for Grantmakers Support(WINGS) and a regular attendant of the AGN Assembly. The YCD-Foundation working objectives are;

a. Technical Support and Financial support for NGOs and CBOs
b. Promotion of philanthropy
c. Production and dissemination of knowledge

African Youth in Philanthropy Conference and Network Initiative

GADeF is a Convener of the African Youth in Philanthropy(AYP) Conference and a Founding Member(with Nexus Africa and Self Help Foundation) of the African Youth in Philanthropy Network(AYPN).

Focal Point for West African Philanthropy/Grantmakers

Joining some global and regional grantmakers groups, GADeF is working to promote philanthropy in the West African Region to serve as the focal point for the regional philanthropy programs including the youth network. GADeF is facilitating the formal launch of a West Africa Youth in Philanthropy Network(WAYPNET) to serve as a regional network under the African Youth in Philanthropy Network(AYPN).

Youth Bank-West Africa

GADeF is working to set up YouthBanks in the 10 regions of Ghana as a pilot and expand to West Africa countries in collaboration with the West Africa Youth in Philanthropy Network(WAYPNET) and the Youth Bank International. The YouthBank model aimed at encouraging young people to become involved in philanthropic activities at the community level. YouthBankers do this by firstly identifying assets within the community by means of conducting community Assessments based on appreciative enquiry methodology to determine the shortfalls or needs. After which they set out to raise funds through a myriad of fundraising activities. The funds that are raised are then granted to youth-led or youth focused organisations/groups that are aimed at addressing the identified shortfalls.

The expected outcomes  by implementing YouthBank are:
  a. Active citizenship: Young people that are more aware of the community issues and are pro-actively playing a role by implementing pragmatic social actions;
  b. Young Philanthropists: Socially responsive young people that understands that they can play a role as funders and supporters of community initiatives;
c.  Influence decision making: Young people involved in decision-making about where funds should be directed for development purposes.

The co-created model activities will include;

– fieldwork to establish the new YB projects;
– hosting training to facilitate the development of existing and new YB participants;
– communication and coordination;
– implementing various fundraising activities in order to achieve the agreed-to grantmaking targets
– disbursement of YB grants to youth-led or youth-focused organizations and projects
– implementation of grantmaking ceremony.

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