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Girls expressing joy at their club meeting

Empowered Girls ready to create a better future now

Girls Leadership and Mentorship Network  New Leaders

Janet Opoku, Peer Educator at Presby recites a poem during the International Day of the Girl Child

GADeF Peer Educators at Ntotroso and Gyedu with Development Comminttee heads and GADeF Project Officers

Through the GMED Program, GADeF supports  networks projects to continue to advocate for policies to ensure availability of sexual and reproductive health information and services, realize gender equality, and expand capabilities that young people require for employment, health, resilience, participation and citizenship.

 Capacity Development Workshop

Three (3) training/workshops of three (3) days each in a year will be conducted for the girls program facilitators and volunteers. Topics to be covered during the first workshop include current status of girls in the community of operation and identified solutions, while in the second capacity development workshop: (i) Confidence Building for the girl child (ii) Pre-marital sex education-Dangers in early sex (iii) Public educations on girl child education (iv) Stakeholders role in solving teenage pregnancy. The last day workshop topics  include: (i)  Girls Club program (ii) Facilitating girls club in school and communities (iii) Mentorship for the girl child (iv) Parents and girls child relationship (v) Building a and lobbying stakeholders interest in the girl child education (vi) Girls leadership, Governance and Conflict Resolution.

Engagement with Stakeholders on Girl child education

We support activities to enable the project team to engage with various identified stakeholders in the communities. This will bring to them the state of girl-child education as against  teenage pregnancy and advocate for support and proper care for the girl child. This is also to highlight the need for increased collaborative efforts to achieve the GMED goals.

 Visitations to Junior and Secondary schools

We support GMED Project team to visits  Junior High Schools and Secondary Schools in the operational communities. The aim of this activity is to advocate and sensitize the girls on the dangers of pre-marital sex and as well as teenager pregnancy. This is to encourage and galvanize girls to join efforts for ensuring girl child education to the highest level and stop girls from involvement in illegal mining activities.

Formation and launching of girls clubs in schools/communities

We support formation of girls clubs in some selected schools and communities. There are also support for weekly girls’ clubs meetings. The girls, through the help of their club facilitators and volunteers who to them are role models actively engaged in organising peer seminars, open space arts performances, discussions, marches, festivals and forums around and large range of topics to include pre-marital sex, child sexual abuse, HIV/AIDS, child prostitution, Women as Role Models and some topics on survival skills, reading and writings. Girls interact with selected professionals including a nurse, agriculturalist, educationalist, banker and a religious leader.

One-one and group mentorship programmes for club members

Through this support program, our grantees involve identifying female professionals like doctors, bank managers, and accountants, etc., to mentor girls. Some of the mentors will be encouraged to have close relationship with their mentees (one to one mentorship). Mentorship guide has been prepared for mentors on the program. Mentors are encouraged to support their mentees especially those with low financial backgrounds. Mentors are also invited to club meetings to interact with the girls, inspire them and advise them.

 Girls Camping and Commemoration of the International Girls Day

Girls are camped within 3-5 days in the week of the International Girls Day. Our Grantees Girls Camp program includes celebration of the International Girls Day. It is a great day for the issues of the girl child to be brought to light for media institutions, for government institutions, and for educational institutions to take the time to think and understand that girls are the future of the world and we definitely need a day dedicated to their issues. This annual activity includes various drama sketches, poetry recital, awareness campaign, fun games and fund raising.

Community outreach through peer education and in-school settings

GADeF activities that  involves community sensitization on girl child education, pre-marital sex both by club girls and the project team. Thus, Peer education and in-school settings has adopted  the community outreaches to gain community support for the project.

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