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Teachers at OLA Girls Volunteer to coordinate mentors activities

Tony(with other colleague employees) at Newmont International School of Ahafo volunteers as a Coach and Ambassordor for Girls Academy

Kim Greg and Prof Lisa from USA donate bags to children

Tony Perring of Newmont International School of Ahafo donates T-shirt to best girl-leader in the tournament

GADeF believes that Employee Volunteering is one of the most effective ways of enabling a company to mobilize its most valuable assets,its people.By volunteering their time and  skills, employees are investing in a meaningful way to the growth of the economy, and most importantly, addressing some of the socio-economic challenges faced by communities.

The Employee Volunteer and Support(EVS) Program  was initiated to implement in partnership with organisations to increase the impact of their social investment and promote civil societies ‘ support  for positive social change in marginalized communities. Employees can participate in the EVS Program in three(3) ways-Employee Volunteering Week , Employee in Community Innovation and Employee Payroll Support or Sponsorship.

1. Employee Volunteering week

Every year, GADeF invites employers from various companies and Institutions to make a special commitment to supporting the volunteering efforts of their employees. Participation in this volunteering week grows every year as leading companies/foundations understand that employee community involvement makes good business/sustainability sense . 

2. Employee in Community Innovation(ECI)

Employees have the opportunity to select and participate in an ongoing community development programs. GADeF partners identify CSO programs and monitor employees involvement. An environment is created for employees with innovations in communities to share them with GADeF for implementation.

3.Empoyees Payroll Support or Sponsorship

Some organisations and companies working to build lasting impact in their operational areas have encourage some employees to donate 1-5% support from their payroll through their own arrangements to support strategic innovations. Others send sponsorship packages and items-in-kind  through GADeF to support a course.

Objectives of EVS Program

By Engaging your employees in the EVS program, you  are helping

  1. to promote investment by your business/foundations/ individuals to strengthen the impact of organizations of civil societies
  2. to encourage and facilitate contributions of money,skills,time and in-kind donations for community development programmes
  3. to encourage innovation and multi-sectoral cooperation in operational and marginalized communities

GADeF's role in EVS Program

Based on our extensive local and international experience we can help to;

  1. Design and implement customized volunteering programmes
  2. Develop tools to market,manage and monitor volunteering
  3. Match company resources to the real needs of communities
  4. Perform due diligence checks on organizations to ensure volunteers’ contribution invested appropriately.

EVS Programs Benefits

Communities and Civil society organizations benefit from properly managed volunteer through:

  1. Additional resources
  2. Coaching,mentoring and business skills
  3. Relationships of acre and concern

Employers that encourage and support Employee Volunteering Programme benefits in number of ways:

  1. Enhanced corporate citizenship reputation
  2. Volunteering can be added social responsibility reporting
  3. Improved attraction and retention of quality staff
  4. Increased morale,teamwork and innovation within the workforce

Employees who volunteer gain:

  1. Personal fulfillment,service to community and active citizenship
  2. Skills development and teamwork opportunities
  3. Improved knowledge and social issues and interaction across social and economic divides

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