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The Community Action Plan is the fundamental building block for planning in Ghana and is mainstreamed where it has been developed into the District Medium Term Development Plan (DMTDP). Grants and technical support for process of developing will ensure that all grantees community members will bring their ideas for development on board and then collectively prioritize these ideas to decide on what is important, what should be tackled first and in what order. This will ensure appropriate and efficient use of resources in the area and peaceful development of the locality.
The Community action plan development process and the eventual action plans provide a platform and important tool respectively for communities to act. It enables the communities to mobilize, identify local resources and potentials, prioritize issues to be tackled, work at addressing challenges whilst engaging partners for additional support to address their concerns. The plan also provides policy makers with crucial information to plan local level development including economic development activities to address the multi-dimension enemies of poverty.
Through this initiative, GADeF collectively support communities and Community Foundations in
a. Community mobilization
b. Community Assessment
c. Community Action Planning
d. Action Plan Implementation

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